Ben Liu's Group, Mesoscopic Metal Materials Group
Physical Chemistry, College of Chemistry, Sichuan University

Principal Investigator

Dr. Ben Liu earned his Ph. D. degree from Shanghai JiaoTong University in 2013. He was a postdoctoral associate at University of Maryland  (2013-2014) and University of Connecticut (2014-2017), respectively. After worked  as Jiangsu Distinguished Professor at Nanjing Normal University for 4 years, Dr. Liu moved to College of Chemistry, Sichuan University as a full Professor. His research interests focus on rational design and synthesis of metal nanocrystals, especially mesoporous metals, with desired nanostructures and functions for catalysis and electrocatalysis.

Current Members

Ph.D. Students

Yang Wang (汪洋), Ph.D. student (2018)

Hao Lv (吕浩), Ph. D. student (2020)

Lizhi Sun (孙立智), Ph. D. student (2021)

Yanzhi Wang (王彦智), Ph. D. student (2021)

Master Students

Xiaowen Min (闵晓文), Master student (2020)

Huaiyu Qin (秦淮玉), Master student (2020)

Fengrui Jia (贾丰瑞), Master student (2021)

Chenyu Han (韩晨雨), Master student (2022)

Jie Xiao (肖杰), Master student (2022)

Hangjuan He (何杭娟), Master student (2022)

Previous Members

Dr. Mingzhen Hu (胡明镇), Postdoc associate. Current position: Assistant Professor at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (2018-2020)

Dr. Lei Zhang (张蕾), Postdoc associate. Current position: Associate Professor at Northwestern Polytechnical University, (2018-2020)

Dr. Xingsong Su (苏星松), Postdoc associate (2018-2019)

Ms. Yaru Wang (王亚茹), Master Student (2019-2022)

Ms. Xuwen Guo(郭旭雯), Master Student (2017-2022)

Ms. Xueying Ren (任雪影), Master Student (2017-2020)

Ms. Yingying Wang (王莹莹), Master Student (2017-2020)

Mr. Jinlong Li (李金龙), Master Student (2017-2020)

Ms. Ren Wei (魏忍), Master Student (2018-2021)